Fall Knitting Recap (a wee bit late…)

This fall - well, last fall really.  It was LAST year after all - I decided to be all crafty for my family.  It started out innocently enough, with wanting to make my nieces something I'd had in the back of my mind for a long time.  They go to a school whose mascot is a Panther.  And their logo is a paw.  How cool would that be as an illusion scarf?!?  So I set out to knit two before their football season ended.  I got them to them on October 29.  Pretty good timing, I think.

Pretty nifty, no?

My nieces enjoyed the scarves, too.

OK, maybe Rachel enjoyed her Halloween candy more...

Yup, Grace looks happy

You can tell pretty well in the second picture that the paw print doesn't show up straight on, but in the final picture, you can see it starting to pop.  I'm proud of those little scarves, and they honestly weren't hard to make.  I think my nieces will enjoy them for a while.  Now, I need to make my other niece and nephew one, as they go to a school with a polar bear mascot. Polar bears also have paws...


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